Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Product Questions
Are the signatures in the books actually signed by the author?
Yes, every signature we sell is hand signed by the author. We do not sell signatures that are autopenned, secretarial, stamped, pre-printed, etc.
Where will the signature be in the book?
Except in rare exceptions which will be noted on the product page, the signature will be on one of the first pages of the book. This may be the front end leaf, half-title page, title page, or a tip-in sheet. As is customary practice with the publishing and primary bookselling industry, we do not differentiate on which page a book is signed or whether it's signed on a tip-in sheet. The majority of our newest titles are pre-orders, and we cannot say for sure what page the author will sign on. Many books are signed on bookplate which is adhered into the book, and this is differentiated on the product page (see the next question).
Are signed books actually signed?
Premiere Collectibles only sells authenticated signed Products.  This can occur on the book page itself or on a bookplate.  We note when a signature will occur on a bookplate or on the book page itself.  For more information on Bookplates please read the next FAQ.
What is a bookplate?
A bookplate is a plate for the book that the author hand signs for us to adhere inside the book. Each bookplate is hand signed by the author. Most bookplates are custom designed by our award winning designers for a specific book. For titles that are signed on bookplate, the product page will prominently indicate this multiple times. Bookplates make it logistically possible for authors to sign copies for our customers when they otherwise would not be able to because of the logistics involved in having hundreds or thousands of books shipped to their location amidst their busy schedules.
Are the signed books on your website first edition / first printing?
Some of the books are first edition / first printing. If the product page says "First Edition", then it is a first edition / first printing. If the product page does not say "First Edition", then it's possible that you will still receive a first edition / first printing, but it's not guaranteed. Many of the celebrity books that we sell are printed in large quantities by the publisher, so the rarity/collectible value often comes from the author's signature rather than the printing number.
Does the book come with a certificate of authenticity?
Every signed book comes with a certificate of authenticity certifying that the signature is hand signed by the author. Most of the certificates of authenticity are a general Premiere Collectibles COA that is not personalized for the specific book.
I'm ordering a numbered limited edition, can I request a specific number?
Out of fairness to all customers as well as to our fulfillment team, specific number requests cannot be accommodated.
Can the author personalize my book?
Most titles are not available for personalization. If personalization is available, the product page will have a personalization field for you to input the name for personalization. Other requests for personalization, such as requests made in the order notes, are typically unable to be accommodated. We apologize for this, but it's just too logistically difficult for the author to personalize books and then for us to get them to the right customer when we're doing 20-30 signings some months and shipping out thousands of orders per day during the busy seasons.
I saw a signed books from Premiere Collectibles on eBay, is it authentic?
Due to their collectibility, thousands of signed Premiere Collectibles books trade on the secondary market each year, often at premium prices. There's a good chance that the signed book you're seeing on eBay or elsewhere is authentic, but use your judgement. Check the seller's feedback and look at the other items that they are selling to see if you notice any red flags. You may be able to message the seller and ask them if they can provide proof of purchase from Premiere Collectibles (if the seller is charging a premium, you may want to acknowledge that you understand that the price shown on the proof of purchase may be lower than their asking price and that you're only interested in confirming authenticity).
Product availability Questions
The book I wanted is sold out, what can I do?
Almost all signed books we sell are available in a limited quantity and will sell out. Some sell out within days and others we're able to keep in stock for years, but they will sell out eventually. If the title you want is an older title, it's highly unlikely that more will become available on our site. If the title is an upcoming title or a title released within the past month, there is a slight chance that it will become available again, so your best bet is to check our website every few days to see. Otherwise, sold out titles can often be found on eBay and other secondary market websites from people who purchased them from us, but most likely for a premium price.
Will you be getting signed copies of X book?
Most books with confirmed signings are listed on our website within 1-2 days of the signing being confirmed. If a title is not listed, it means that there is not a signing confirmed, but it's likely that we're actively trying to confirm one, especially if it's by a widely known author. If you know of an upcoming book that's by a lesser known but still popular celebrity or author, feel free to reach out on our contact page and suggest it.
What happens if I pre-ordered a book and the author doesn't sign it?
Luckily, cancelled signings are extremely rare and, even if a LiveSigning is cancelled, the author will likely still sign for customers who pre-ordered. However, there have been rare instances in which an extenuating circumstance has occurred such as an author passing away unexpectedly or a book being postponed due to current events. In cases such as these, we'll reach out ASAP to inform you of the unfortunate news and issue you a full refund. If it's a situation in which a signing may still be possible in the future, we'll do our best to give you the first chance to order next time.
LiveSigning Questions
Do I have to watch the LiveSigning to order a signed book?
No, you can order a signed copy of the book before, during, and even after the LiveSigning (depending on availability).
Will the author answer the question I submit?
They might, but there's no guarantee. For the most popular LiveSignings, only a fraction of the questions asked get answered because there's not enough time to answer all the questions during the 30-60 minute live stream.
How can I increase the chances of my question being answered?
Here are some general tips:
  • Keep your question relatively short (1-2 sentences). Before or during the LiveSigning, the interviewer scrolls through the list of questions and it can be distracting to try to read exceptionally long questions.
  • Avoid controversial / sensitive topics. The interviewer doesn't want to make the author uncomfortable, so questions that seem controversial or sensitive are likely to be skipped.
  • Ask a unique question or ask about something that the author is interested in, such as a charitable cause.
Does the author always call people during the LiveSigning?
There is no guarantee that an author will do a phone call during the LiveSigning. If there is a phone number field on the product page, the author will most likely call one or more fans during the LiveSigning, but they may still decide not to do so.
How can I increase my chances of receiving a phone call during the LiveSigning?
The best way is to ask a short, insightful question in the question field on the product page when you order the book. This doesn't guarantee a phone call since the author will only call one or a few fans during the event, but it will likely increase your chances.
Order & Shipping Questions
When will my order ship?
Typical handling time varies depending on whether the items in your order are already in stock or if they are pre-orders or orders for recent LiveSignings. Most books that are pre-orders or a title with a LiveSigning contain a blue or green message on the product page that states the release date and/or estimated handling times. Below you will find shipping information based on what type of books are in your order:

Orders With No Pre-Orders or Recent LiveSigning Titles:

Your order should ship within three business days. You will receive an email with tracking details when it ships.

Orders Containing Pre-Orders:

Your order will ship once the last pre-order in your order has released. You can typically find the release date for the book on the product page. You will receive an email with tracking details when it ships.

Orders Containing Recent LiveSigning Titles:

Orders for recent LiveSigning titles typically ship 1-3 weeks after the LiveSigning to allow the author time to sign, but occasionally ship later if the author is taking more time than usual to finish signing. You will receive an email with tracking details when your order ships.

Why hasn't my order shipped yet?
The most likely reason is that your order contains a pre-order title or a title from a recent LiveSigning. As stated on the product page for pre-order products, orders containing pre-orders won't ship until all pre-orders in the order have released. The other most likely reason is that your order contains a title that recently released or that had a recent LiveSigning. Recently released titles that did not have a LiveSigning typically ship during the release week or the following week, though occasionally a delay will occur. Orders for recent LiveSigning titles typically ship 1-3 weeks after the LiveSigning to allow the author time to sign, but occasionally ship later if the author is taking more time than usual to finish signing. You will receive an email with tracking details when your order ships.
Do you ship internationally?
We ship to virtually any address in the world. We have very good shipping rates to many countries, though some countries have a higher rate. The shipping charged is very close to our actual shipping and handling cost. We do not seek to profit on shipping costs.
Why does my tracking information say my package hasn't moved?
From the beginning of COVID the USPS has faced massive delays in shipments. We ship packages as soon as possible. Once the label is printed we deliver your package directly to the local USPS Distribution Center. Your package is not scanned on the arrival to the Post Office, but when they get to your package. So your package may sit for several days or weeks without moving until it is scanned. We have no control over the speed at which the Post Office handles your package.
What shipping methods are available?
See our list of available shipping methods here. Some of these methods may not be available depending on your address or the items in your order.
Can I return my order?
Due to the limited edition nature of signed books, orders are non-returnable. In the unlikely event that there is an issue with items you ordered, we will, of course, accept a return and ship out a replacement (if available/requested) or issue a refund. Please understand that requests to return an item for a replacement cannot always be accommodated since some titles may no longer be available. If you request a replacement for a damaged title that it now out of stock, a refund will be issued instead. For more information about returns or to initiate a return, visit our returns page here.
Do you offer wholesale discounts?
We do occasionally offer wholesale discounts to customers ordering 25+ of the same title for gifting or other purposes. If you're interested in placing a wholesale order, reach out via our contact page. Please note that wholesale discounts may not be available for certain titles.
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