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This Includes:
    This Includes:
      Book overview

      This Hardcover First Edition of Malice Toward None has been personally Autographed by Jack E. and Mark Levin. Exclusively Made Available at

      In his beautifully illustrated essential volumes - Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Illustrated and the #1 New York Times bestseller George Washington: The Crossing-Jack E. Levin brings time and place to life as he renders two of the most profound, destiny-shaping events from America's past with simplicity and grace. Reflecting a true patriot's pride and passion, Levin's tributes have become fast favorites for readers from history buffs to reachers and parents introducing these heroic words and deeds to the next generation. 

      Now, in a new book to treasure, Jack E. Levin gives us a dramatic rendering of another momentous American occasion: President Abraham Lincoln's historic and deeply affecting Second Inaugural Address. Delivered when our nation was at its most divided, Lincoln's speech is an attempt to unite a fractured people facing a crossroads crossroads at a time seemingly not so different from our own. Typically humble and faithful, Lincoln's message is resonant and relatable to this day. 

      Jack E. Levin's son, national talk-radio host and #1 New York Times bestselling author Mark R. Levin, provides the insightful preface. 

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      Product Details

      • Pages: 64 pages
      • Publisher: Threshold Editions
      • Release Date: September 2014
      • ISBN-13: 9781476784267
      • Edition: Autographed & Numbered First Edition

      About The Author

       Jack E. Levin has been variously an author, artist, and small businessman. He lives in Florida with his wife of sixty years, Norma.