Premiere Rewards

Premiere Rewards | Free books are just a few pages away
Premiere Rewards | Free books are just a few pages away


To get started, join now to begin earning points to access the full range of Premiere Rewards.

Earn points with every purchase you make. Earn 1 point for every $1 spent!

Redeem your points at checkout at any time — receive free books, discounts, and so much more!



• Premiere Collectibles Account:
     ◦ You must log in to your Premiere Collectibles account when placing your order (do not check out as a guest). 
     ◦ If you place an order as a guest, we will not be able to apply points to your account. 
     ◦ You must log into your rewards account to access your points and offers.

     ◦ Points cannot be awarded or applied to previous purchases
• Collecting Points: 
     ◦ Reward points can be earned from each purchase (as long as you are logged into your Premiere Collectibles account). 
     ◦ You can earn 1 point for each $1 USD spent. 
• Redeeming points: 
     ◦ 20 reward points account for $1 USD. Therefore, if you have 800 points, it would come out to $40 USD worth of redeemable credit.  
     ◦ You may use up to 1,000 points with each purchase (total credit of $50 USD).  
     ◦ Redeeming points come in the form of a unique coupon code, so the code cannot be applied to other coupons. Only one coupon code can be used for each purchase.
• Reward point expiration: 
     ◦ Unused points will expire after six months and cannot be added back to your account once they expire. 
• Points Cannot Be Shared:
     ◦ Reward points cannot be shared or sold to other customers. This will result in permanent removal from the reward program. 
• Referral Codes:
     ◦ As a member of the rewards program, you are provided with a referral link for friends and family. This referral link will provide your colleagues with a 10% off coupon code (built into the link) for their Premiere Collectibles purchase. Once your colleague places their order using your referral link, you will be issued a 15% off coupon code as a special thank you. 
     ◦ Referral links/coupon codes cannot be combined with any other discounts, sales, or promotions. 
• Shipping Costs and Fees:
     ◦ Shipping fees are not included in the reward points. 
     ◦ Reward points only apply to the cost of the product/book. International fees, shipping fees, and taxes will still apply. 
• Beta Version/Pilot Program:
     ◦ The Premiere Collectibles Reward Program is in a trial/beta phase. Changes and adjustments to the program will continue to take place to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall program. For questions, please contact our Customer Service team at

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