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This Includes:
    This Includes:
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      Book overview

      This Paperback Edition of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary's Homecoming Tales: 15 Inspiring Stories from Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is autographed on a bookplate by owners Michael and Zina Goodin, with a special paw-print signature from Mack, the cutie on the cover! 

      These real-life stories of senior dogs who found forever homes through Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary will delight any young animal lover. The Homecoming Tales of sweet, sassy, and sometimes hilarious old friends offer kids a unique reminder that no one is too old to give or receive love.

      Meet Mack, Dog Bowl contestant, and social media star; Marco, a scary tough dog—until someone gave him a second chance; Shaq, a gentle giant who is learning to leave his fears behind; Prince, a laid back dude who doesn’t let being blind steal his sunshine; and JuneBug, a spunky sweetheart who just wants to cuddle and keep you safe from the vacuum cleaner. Each chapter in Homecoming Tales focuses on one canine companion from the Tennessee-based dog rescue, with fun facts about his or her breed, stories of silly antics, and the meaningful tale of how this canine companion found a forever family. This delightful middle-grade book entertains, teaches, and inspires and will be a new favorite for fans of A Dog’s Purpose and the Puppy Tales series.

      In this lighthearted, easy-to-read nonfiction chapter book, you’ll find

      • the true stories of how 15 dogs found a loving home
      • line drawing illustrations of each featured dog and a full-color photo insert
      • doggy stats, fun facts, and recipes for your own canine friend
      • information on adopting and owning pets, caring for aging animals, ideas for helping a pet with special needs, and ways kids can get involved with their local animal shelter or rescue

      Homecoming Tales is a great gift for any eight to twelve-year-old who loves animals, enjoys volunteer work, or simply appreciates heartwarming stories. With information about care for older dogs, this educational book is also a helpful read for families who are interested in adopting a senior dog.


      Donate to the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary here: https://ofsds.z2systems.com/np/clients/ofsds/donation.jsp?campaign=31&&test=true


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      Product Details

      • Pages: 208 pages
      • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
      • Release Date: November 03, 2020
      • ISBN-13: 9781400222926
      • Edition: Autographed Paperback Bookplated Edition

      About The Author

      Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is a forever foster home sanctuary in beautiful Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Old Friends houses approximately 120 senior dogs at the sanctuary and others in temporary and forever foster homes. While providing lifetime homes for senior dogs, OFSDS strives to raise awareness about the joys and challenges of living with older dogs: “We do not concern ourselves with the quantity of time that they have left, rather with the quality of the life we can provide them for that time.”