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      Book overview

      This Hardcover Edition of Gary Janetti's Do You Mind If I Cancel?: (Things That Still Annoy Me) is autographed by Gary Janetti.

      Fans of David Sedaris, Jenny Lawson, and Tina Fey… meet your new friend Gary Janetti.

      "Gary Janetti's book is so rolling-on-the-floor funny, so brilliantly observant, and so full of heart.” Kevin Kwan, New York Times bestselling author of the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy

      "Almost as soon as I began to read Gary Janetti’s Do You Mind If I Cancel?, I found myself feeling the way I felt when I first encountered Fran Lebowitz and David Rakoff: laughing and wanting to shout out the best bits to whoever else was in the room, even if no one else was there."
      ― Benjamin Dreyer, New York Times bestselling author of Dreyer's English

      Gary Janetti, the writer and producer for some of the most popular television comedies of all time, and creator of one of the most wickedly funny Instagram accounts there is, now turns his skills to the page in a hilarious, and poignant book chronicling the pains and indignities of everyday life.

      Gary spends his twenties in New York, dreaming of starring on soap operas while in reality working at a hotel where he lusts after an unattainable colleague and battles a bellman who despises it when people actually use a bell to call him. He chronicles the torture of finding a job before the internet when you had to talk on the phone all the time, and fantasizes, as we all do, about who to tell off when he finally wins an Oscar. As Gary himself says, “These are essays from my childhood and young adulthood about things that still annoy me.”

      Original, brazen, and laugh out loud funny, Do You Mind if I Cancel? is something not to be missed.

      Get your Gary Janetti autographed book today!

      Product Details

      • Pages: 176 pages
      • Publisher: Flatiron Books
      • Release Date: October 22, 2019
      • ISBN-13: 9781250225825
      • Edition: Autographed Hardcover Edition

      About The Author

      Gary Janetti is a writer and producer of such shows as Family GuyWill & Grace, and Vicious. He lives in Los Angeles.