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    This Includes:
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      “A monster was germinating within me . . . it craved love—and then perverted it.”

       ~ Bernard Nathanson, MD 

      This is a true story. Three lives.  One common thread. 

      A formerly incarcerated, homeless, crack-addicted prostitute.

      A mentally unstable evangelical housewife living with the effects of sexual abuse and a violent murder.

      And one of the least-known yet most influential people of the 20th century, a man responsible for 75,000 deaths. 

      Unexpectedly their lives are woven together over the span of 40 years.  Each is determined to expose and discredit a sinister misconception - the delusion that some lives are considered throwaways while others are considered indispensable.  As they peel back the layers of darkness, they discover something far more powerful: light always reveals the truth.

      Their individual journeys of devastation, loss, and ultimately, redemption, will challenge and inspire you to see the value of life from a whole new perspective.[NC2]