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This Includes:
    This Includes:
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      Book overview

      This Hardcover First Edition of Gordon Ramsay's Healthy, Lean, and Fit is autographed by Gordon Ramsay.

      The definitive guide to eating well to achieve optimum health and fitness has arrived in GORDON RAMSAY’S HEALTHY, LEAN & FIT: Mouthwatering Recipes to Fuel You for Life by Gordon Ramsay, internationally renowned multi-Michelin starred chef, television personality, bestselling author and fitness fanatic. Gordon Ramsay knows how important it is to eat well, whether you’re training for a marathon or simply trying to live healthier. And just because you’re cooking healthy food, doesn’t mean you must compromise on taste and flavor. As a super-chef who is also a committed athlete, Gordon has provided the ultimate collection of recipes that will fuel your next workout and keep you feeling great.

      GORDON RAMSAY’s HEALTHY, LEAN & FIT provides readers with 108 delicious dishes divided into three sections—each one offering breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sides, and snacks—highlighting different health-boosting benefits:
      HEALTHY: consists of nourishing recipes for general well-being including
      • Chilled Pea and Coconut Soup
      • Healthy Vegetable Samosas
      • Grilled Salmon with Garlic, Mushroom, and Lentil Salad

      LEAN: encourages healthy weight loss, offering recipes such as
      • Berry and Oat Smoothie
      • One-Pan Chicken with Lima Beans, Leeks, and Spinach
      • Carrot Cake Macaroons 

      FIT: features pre- and post-workout dishes to build strength and energy, including
      • Vietnamese Crispy Tofu Wrap
      • Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam Pancakes
      • Flank Steak with Rosemary Chimichurri

      In GORDON RAMSAY’s HEALTHY, LEAN & FIT, Gordon Ramsay has created a cookbook guide for true health without sacrificing the enjoyment of food or the flavors he has spent his career perfecting.


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      Product Details

      • Pages: 288 pages
      • Publisher: Grand Central Life & Style
      • Release Date: September 25, 2018
      • ISBN-13: 9781538714669
      • Edition: Autographed Hardcover Bookplated Edition

      About The Author

      Renowned for highly successful and award-winning original programming, Emmy nominated, multi-Michelin- star chef Gordon Ramsay produces TV shows on both sides of the Atlantic that are seen by audiences worldwide, including his FOX shows “The F Word,” “Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back,” “MasterChef,” “MasterChef Junior,” “Hell’s Kitchen” and “MasterChef Celebrity Showdown,” as well as Bravo’s “Best New Restaurant” and Food Network’s competition series “Food Court Wars.” In the U.K., he’s produced “Gordon Ramsay Behind Bars” and “Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape” for Channel 4; food biography and nostalgia series “My Kitchen” for UKTV’s Good Food Channel; two instructional cookery series, “Ultimate Home Cooking” and “Ultimate Cookery Course” for Channel 4; and the first two seasons of “Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch,” all under his One Potato Two Potato banner.

      The next-generation multimedia production company Studio Ramsay was founded in 2016 by Ramsay and has a joint venture with All3Media to develop and produce both unscripted and scripted television shows, creating new formats and innovative programming that include a scripted arm focused on food-related themes and development of new talent on a global front. The catalog of programs that Ramsay has worked on historically with All3Media via One Potato Two Potato, together with new original content he’s currently developing, make for a unique and dynamic production and distribution partnership. Studio Ramsay’s first production, live “The F Word With Gordon Ramsay,” premiered last year in the U.S. on FOX, and its second FOX series, “Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back” aired this summer. Its first daytime cooking series, “Culinary Genius,” premiered on ITV in the U.K. and was syndicated on FOX stations in the U.S. last summer. His documentary series, “Gordon on Cocaine,” premiered in the fall on ITV to critical acclaim. “Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch,” starring Tilly Ramsay for U.K. children’s channel CBBC, is also produced by Studio Ramsay.

      The Gordon Ramsay Group comprises the restaurant business of acclaimed chef, restaurateur, TV personality and author Gordon Ramsay. The Gordon Ramsay Group employs more than 700 people in London where it has a collection of 14 restaurants. They also have a total of 34 restaurants globally and 7 Michelin stars, with international restaurants spanning from Europe to the U.S., as well as the Middle East.