This Includes:
    This Includes:
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      Book overview

      This Hardcover Edition of Leah Messer's "Hope, Grace, & Faith" is autographed on a bookplate by Leah Messer.

      “It took hitting rock bottom for me to realize that if I wanted something better for my girls, I had to learn to love myself first.”

      Leah was first thrust under the reality television microscope when her teen pregnancy was documented on MTV’s groundbreaking series, 16 and Pregnant. Since then, fans of Teen Mom 2 have watched her life play out on the small screen—from her struggle to rise to the challenges of motherhood, through her harrowing journey to find a diagnosis for one of her twin girls with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, and the collapse of two marriages. She has learned to live under the harsh glare of media scrutiny, yet there is a truth behind the reality that the cameras have never revealed.

      In her unflinching and honest memoir, Leah takes readers behind the scenes and shares an intimate, often heartbreaking, portrait of her turbulent childhood in rural West Virginia, the rock bottom that forced her to reevaluate her life, and her triumphant break from toxic relationships and self-destructive cycles to live her life with hope, grace, and faith.

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      Product Details

      • Pages: 176 pages
      • Publisher: Post Hill Press 
      • Release Date: May 5, 2020
      • ISBN-13: 978-1642932447
      • Edition: Autographed Hardcover Bookplated Edition

      About The Author

      Former cheerleader Leah had her twins Ali and Aleeah Grace when she was just 17. From a small town in West Virginia, Leah sacrificed a lot for her kids, and things got even harder when Ali developed medical issues. Ali eventually was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy and is being monitored as she grows. Leah tried to make things work for her daughters by marrying their dad Corey. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last, and they divorced six months later. Leah tried to move on by marrying Jeremy and having a daughter Adalynn with him, but Jeremy's job forced him to be away for long stretches of time, and he eventually filed for divorce. After a few rocky years, Corey and Leah's co-parenting relationship is finally in a good place, but Jeremy is constantly on the road for work, and Leah worries about his relationship with her youngest daughter. Things are also looking up for Leah, as her new boyfriend Jason is becoming a major part of her and her girls' lives, and his support could be just what she needs.