This Includes:
    This Includes:
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      Book overview

      This deluxe collector's edition of Steve and Kathy Doocy's The Happy Cookbook: A Celebration of the Food That Makes America Smile is personally autographed by Steve Doocy and Kathy Doocy and comes in a deluxe leatherette slipcase with inlaid gold foil.

      A beautiful, full-color collection of recipes and stories that celebrate comfort and inspire happiness all year round from Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy and his wife, Kathy.

      Steve Doocy calls Kathy, his wife of more than thirty years, "the best cook I’ve ever met." Together, they take joy in cooking and entertaining with their family and friends. In The Happy Cookbook, the Doocys share favorite recipes, stories, and photos from their family life. In addition to beloved family dishes, this full-color cookbook includes recipes from friends like musician Kid Rock, professional golfer Greg Norman, and many more!

      The Happy Cookbook will not only appeal to Steve’s legions of Fox & Friends fans, but to anyone looking for accessible, fun, and delicious food that will inspire great meals for every day and for special occasions. The Happy Cookbook includes a range of yummy dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, such as:

      • Steve’s Breakfast Smoothie
      • Eggs in a Nest
      • Roma Tomato Flatbread
      • Pimento Cheese Dip
      • Bacon Corn Chowder
      • Flaky Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
      • Mamma Marie’s Meatballs
      • Kid Rock’s Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie
      • Ritz Cracker Breaded Pork Chop
      • Buffalo Chicken Calzone
      • Kathy’s Famous Sugar Cookies
      • Betty’s Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake

      Offering an inside look at the Doocys’ home life—their food, stories, and infectious family spirit—The Happy Cookbook is all-American home cooking at its best: nothing fancy, and everything delicious!

      Get your Steve and Kathy Doocy autographed book today!

      Product Details

      • Pages: 256 pages
      • Publisher: William Morrow Cookbooks
      • Release Date: October 02, 2018
      • ISBN-13: 9780062838940
      • Edition: Autographed Deluxe Hardcover Collector's Edition

      About The Author

      Steve Doocy is an Emmy Award-winning television personality and journalist. The longtime morning host of Fox & Friends, he previously worked as a host and news anchor for NBC and CBS and in local television. He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook (with his wife, Kathy) and Tales from the Dad Side. A one-time contestant on Food Network's Ready, Set, Cook!, Doocy was a wunderkind in the kitchen-- at age nine he won a blue ribbon at the Kansas State Fair for baking chocolate chip cookies (he used the recipe on the bag).

      Kathy Doocy co-authored The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook and was previously the host of ESPN's Sidelines and worked at NBC. She started her career as a Ford model and actress starring in many commercials she threw the rental car keys to OJ and lip-synched "You Deserve a Break Today" for McDonald's. When Kathy and Steve got married and the kids came along, she became a stay-at-home mom and the family CEO.

      The Doocys have three grown children and more than twenty-five recipes for pot roast. They live in New Jersey.