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  • Screwed Autographed Book by Dick Morris
  • Autographed Book by Dick Morris



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Autographed First Edition
This Includes:
- Hardcover First Edition Copy of Screwed!
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- Dick Morris' Personal Signature inside Book
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- Certificate of Authenticity
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About The Book

This First Hardcover Edition of Screwed! has been personally Autographed by Dick Morris.


In this hard-hitting book, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann take on the next threat to America: globalism. Increasingly, political and corporate power elite encourage Americans to view themselves as “citizens of the world.” Unfortunately, this global imperative routinely supersedes our own domestic needs and has led to economic catastrophe, including the bankrupting of ordinary American families. And more suffering is coming, the authors warn.

The globalist elite—“experts” who are trained in the top academies, their skills weaned on Wall Street and honed in government bureaucracy—believe they are destined to rule the new world. They want to tell us what to do, how to live, and how much we should earn. Meanwhile, political leaders won’t stand up for their citizens’ interests, choosing instead to throw away our prosperity, drive our companies into insolvency, and strangle us with regulations and taxes.

Meanwhile, other nations focus on their own self-interest, free from the kind of environmental regulations and labor laws constraining American corporations. They chant anti-American slogans and fund terrorists while raking in our foreign aid.  Meanwhile, global institutions encroach on our national sovereignty, usurping our decision-making on our own economy, energy, environment, land, and businesses.

In Screwed! Morris and McGann examine the ways that nations and international organizations take advantage of us, detail the staggering scale of the great American ripoff, and reveal how our own leaders are complicit in the process.

Limited quantities available, order your signed edition today!

Product Details

  • Pages: 368
  • Publisher: Broadside Books
  • Release Date: May 8th, 2012
  • ISBN-13: 9780062073303
  • Edition: Autographed First Edition (Hardcover)

Product Reviews

  1. You have to read this book!

    Posted by Gregory Geiger on Nov 13th 2012

    Incredible treatise on the sad state of affairs that plague us and our electorate. I was angered, saddened and disappointed as I read this book. However, the messages are essential to understand. Mr. Morris writes like he speaks so you feel as if he's speaking to you as a friend as you read. I learned more in 35 pages about the history, intent and abuse of the FRB and the IMF than I ever learned at university. And the United Nations? Good grief?! The complicity of our elected officials, both former and current is a real eye-opener. Mr. Morris is not shy about naming names, which is the level of detail an informed electorate needs. I'd like to sit down with my elected representatives and go over the themes of "Screwed". Thank you, Mr. Morris and spouse for this important and timely work! I'm recommending "Screwed" to everyone I know.