Good Grief: Heal Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones, and Learn to Live Again

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This hardcover, first edition of Good Grief is autographed by Theresa Caputo.

The star of TLC’s Long Island Medium and New York Times bestselling author Theresa Caputo provides a guide to overcoming grief, filled with inspiring lessons from Spirit and astonishing stories from the clients who have been empowered by Theresa’s spiritual readings.

After more than a decade of being a practicing medium, Theresa Caputo brings the powerful lessons she has learned about grief, healing, and finding happiness in the wake of tragedy. In almost every reading she gives, Spirit insists that people begin to embrace their lives again. Easily said, but not everyone knows where to begin, and putting back together the pieces of a life marked by loss is never easy. Sometimes, you need spiritual guidance—that's where Theresa comes in.

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  • Pages: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Atria Books
  • Release Date: March 14, 2017
  • ISBN-13: 9781501139086
  • Edition: Autographed First Edition

About The Author

Theresa Caputo was born and raised on Long Island and lives there with her husband and two children. She is the star of Long Island Medium, which airs on TLC. After suffering anxiety for most of her life, Theresa met with a spiritual adviser who helped her realize her ability to communicate with Spirit. Theresa has been a practicing medium for more than ten years and is a certified medium with the Forever Family Foundation. Her first two books, There’s More to Life Than This and You Can’t Make This Stuff Up, became instant New York Times bestsellers. She has appeared on Good Morning AmericaThe ViewThe Dr. Oz Show, and Ellen and has helped countless people heal and find the closure to embrace life without their loved ones.